A Taste of Home

Meadowlark Granary sells homemade, homegrown bread and flour. All of our products are baked using home-milled whole wheat flour ground from grain grown on our family farm near Drake, North Dakota.

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Four Generations Deep

Our Farm to Your Table

Our flour

Our homegrown, whole wheat flour is a gift from the land. Using grain that comes directly from the fields, Meadowlark Granary's whole wheat flour is milled fresh for you. We use hard red spring wheat, known for it's excellent baking qualities and mill it hours before it's shipped to you.


Meadowlark Bread – Whole wheat flax bread, faintly sweetened with honey and molasses. It’s delicious with a smear of butter, great for sandwiches, and makes fantastic toast. Locally sourced ingredients include whole wheat flour, flax meal, honey, and eggs.


We make more than whole wheat bread. Our baker loves creating new sumptuous treats. Using our home-milled flour, we've created gooey apple-caramel bread, wholesome whole grain banana bread, richly spiced Christmas gingerbread, and more. We offer tasty no-wheat nut and seed bars too, including nutty fudge bites and seedy cherry quinoa bars.

Baking Mixes ... Coming Soon!

The best part of baking is the first slice of fresh warm bread, slathered in slowly melting butter. Meadowlark Granary is developing a new line of baking mixes because we want you to experience that first bite of bread, tender and steaming from the oven. Using our fresh whole wheat flour, we're creating a new line of baking mixes so you can easily make homemade bread, biscuits, pancakes and more. Baking mixes give you the freshest bread possible, in your home kitchen.

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